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Introduction to the SAF

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In 1946, President Colgate Darden, recognizing the strong tradition of student self-government at the University of Virginia, delegated to Student Council the power to recognize all student organizations. In the early Seventies, Council began funding student organizations that qualified for funds under the Board of Visitors’ guidelines. After a lengthy debate, the Board of Visitors’ fundable categories of organizations were first adopted in 1973. The original ten categories were expanded to thirteen and are currently at eleven.

The purpose of the Student Activity Fee (SAF) is to provide financial support for student organizations that are related to the educational purpose of the University of Virginia. As a mandatory student fee ($25 per semester), the monies collected by the University for funding student activities are public funds that must be administered in a manner consistent with the educational purpose of the University as well as with state and federal law.

These SAF Guidelines have been developed as a comprehensive guide to assist student groups that receive money from the Student Activity Fee. While some sections may be relevant to other organizations, most of the procedures described apply only to those groups who participate in the Appropriations Process.

Should you have any questions regarding the procedures contained herein, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Council Vice President for Student Organizations, or Emilee Kiesel, Director for ODOS Business Services, at any time during the year. Suggestions for additions or revisions are welcome and should be directed to the Student Council Vice President for Organizations. The Student Council VPO will be assembling a Student Activity Fee Audit Committee to evaluate the Appropriations process during the 2017 – 2018 academic term.