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The primary way that people get involved with StudCo is through our committees. Committees are charged with heading up initiative and advocacy efforts on behalf of UVA’s Student Council. Each committee, led by committee chairs, generally works towards accomplishing multiple initiatives simultaneously. For more information regarding each of the committees and their initiatives, please go to our About page.

Not sure which committee is for you? You can find a list below.

The Process:
  • Attend a interest meeting scheduled for Monday, August 29 (Minor 125), Aug 30 (Minor 125)
    Sept 1 (Maury 209), and Sept 5th (Minor 125) from 7-8pm.
  • Complete the application posted on September 6th by September 13th.
  • Interview with chairs of committees that you are interested in, and join your committee!


Elected Positions Every school at the University— from the College to the School of Law—has an elected representative on Student Council. Representatives are elected every Spring in February through University-wide elections. All student elections are managed by the University Board of Elections. Please visit their website for more information. If you are a first-year looking to run for something, ask your RA about FYLE (First-Year Leadership Experience).

Questions? Please email