Lay Back Cause This is Summertime | UVA Student Council

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it everyday.” Anonymous

It’s your Diversity Initiatives co-chair here, Edna Turay. I’m currently listening to Will Smith’s 1991 anthem Summertime, feeding my pet fish TJ (Thomas Jefferson of course 😉 ) and honestly, thinking about how awesome StudCo is going to be this coming year. Our executive board is the BIZNESS, which is not a word, but is completely applicable right now. They’re SWEET, hard working, and the rest of Student Council is also incredible.

Other than concocting this seemingly pointless blog post (although I promise you it will get better) I’ve spent much of my summer dreaming up initiatives to impact the lives of UVa students when it comes to diversity.

Diversity is an important part of life here at UVa, and a true Hoo embraces the differences that unite us. As everyone is enjoying their summer, I encourage all members of the student body to think of what they can do to make diversity more apparent across grounds. One of the most significant things I do want to stress is that diversity is not confined to just black and white. Diversity is anything that’s different. Whether it’s sexual, economic, linguistic, social, geographic or religious, diversity is a part of us, and everyone is diverse in some way. So…that’s more or less my schpeel. Whether you’re laying out on the beach catching some sun, rock climbing in Europe, interning on Wall Street, studying abroad or like me, chilling in Charlottesville, think Diversity and bring those thoughts to the Diversity Initiatives Committee in the fall. Yes, lay back cause it’s the summertime, but do it with DI on your mind. Holla.