Learning in Action | UVA Student Council

The Public Service Committee’s Learning in Action website is dedicated to connecting students, faculty, and community members to academic community engagement and co-curricular service opportunities within and beyond the University.

Learning in Action was launched last semester, and it has continued to grow in new and innovative ways over the past few months.

The site integrates and connects the Charlottesville community to the UVa community, especially through its submit an event page, where CIOs on grounds and local community service/public service centers can list events and public service opportunities.

Students can check the events page to stay up to date with upcoming talks, discussions, volunteer opportunities, seminars, and more.

Also on the Learning in Action website, you can find everything from information about research grants, fellowships,  internships, classes that involve community engagement, learn about current events, and learn about other student’s great work within the community.

We are always open to suggestions and comments about the site, so feel free to contact us at nnp3x@virginia.edu!