Make Your Mark on Education | UVA Student Council

Are you left wishing that you could truly impact what students learn? Do you want to impress people with all your knowledge? Do you want to train for Teach for America, Curry School, or being a TA? Or maybe you simply want to teach?

Now’s your chance! Teach your course in the spring of 2013 through


CavEd, as it’s often abbreviated, is a program run by Student Council that enables students to teach their own course CR/NC to other students.

Here’s the general process:
1) Partner with an advising professor and design a course.
2) Submit an application soon. The application consists of many elements, such as a course syllabus, your resume, and a teacher recommendation among others.
3) Teach your way!

Applications are due October 15th at 5 PM.

The applications will be reviewed by members of Student Council and recommendations are made by us to the Deans of the College for approval.

More information, a FAQ, examples of previous courses, and the application can be found on the CavEd Page.

Or, reach the application here. It’s now paperless on AtUVa! (remember to login)

Mad props to the directors of the program, Ginny Lee and Alex Gromelski.

If you have questions, please email:
CavEd Directors:
Klaus Dollhopf:
Sky Miller:

If you’re not interested in teaching next semester, be on the lookout later this semester for a list of the approved courses that you can take in the Spring!