Membership | UVA Student Council


The Membership Committee oversees and creates programs and events to engage Student Council members within their own committees and within the organization as a whole, as well as maintaining and tracking membership guidelines. Each committee meets as a group to discuss expectations of membership; however, the Council has a foundation for the guidelines and Membership tracks these.

Grace Mason

Hey y’all! My name is Grace Mason and I am a 4th year in the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. I have been on StudCo since my first year, serving on the Legislative Affairs Committee and as a Representative to the Membership Committee since 2nd year. StudoCo has been a large part of my college experience, and one that I have really enjoyed. Outside of StudCo, you can find me in the Alderman Maps Room studying Farsi, hanging out at the Pi Beta Phi house, or taking my Bodos to the lawn to try and play with other people’s dogs. If you have any questions about Membership Committee, StudCo, or anything in general, my email is gem8ct@virginia. Go hoos!