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The Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) cultivates intellectual and civic development by encouraging students to pursue opportunities that support scholarly inquiry, engaged citizenship, and creativity. The CUE is currently home to:

  • National Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Select UVa postgraduate programs

The CUE’s website can be accessed here.

The UVA Career Center: Your summer experiences provide you with an opportunity to explore your interests, develop insight into various career fields, and build your skill set. Whether it is an internship, summer job, or volunteer opportunity, your experience will be a valuable one, but may involve some personal expense, even in paid opportunities. These costs may include:

  • travel to and from your destination
  • housing/accommodations
  • living expenses
  • participating in a fee-based placement program,
  • tuition for internship credit
  • and/or having an unpaid internship.

For more details, visit the UVA Career Center website here.

College Council is responsible for appropriating funds from the College of Arts & Sciences School Fee. Financial support is available for organizations and individuals furthering the goals of College Council. These objectives are to (a) represent the needs and interests of College students: (b) serve as peer academic advisors; (c) foster student/faculty relations; (d) strengthen College identity; and (e) solidify relations between the College of Arts and Sciences and its alumni. Different options are available for student groups, faculty members, and students conducting independent research:

  • If you are a CIO seeking funding for an event
  • If you are a professor seeking funding for a class event
  • If you are a student seeking funding for individual research
  • If you are an RA seeking funding for an event for your residents

Read more on these opportunities on the College Council website here.