Nominate a Professor for Look Hoos Talking | UVA Student Council
Nominate a professor! Find the nomination form here.

Last spring, U.Va. Student Council hosted Look Hoos Talking, a forum for 8 professors to present their most striking thoughts in only 12 minutes. This event, based off of TED Talks, was an overwhelming success: tickets sold out in less than 24 hours and hundreds of students and alumni watched online. Check out all of the great professors Student Council brought to Old Cabell Hall last year at Look Hoos Talking 2011. After a great debut, this event is coming back to Grounds. Look Hoos Talking thrives on students having the opportunity to nominate professors. The professors nominated most often will be invited to speak. Whether you’re a graduate student or a First-Year, don’t miss this opportunity to nominate your most inspiring professor and hear the University’s brightest minds give a thought-provoking lecture on a topic of their choice.