On Performance and Rehearsals in Academic Space | UVA Student Council

Over the past few days, many people have gotten in touch with Student Council about the severe impact the newly-placed restrictions on CIO use of Academic Space have had on their CIOs; this change has particularly affected performance-centric CIOs, such as a cappella, theatre, and dance groups.

In the past few days, we have seen an outpouring of student initiative to get the change reversed. We would like to be part of that wave. Student Council resolutely disagrees with the manner in which this change was made — without appropriate student consultation or dialogue — and will continue to work with the impacted groups to find space to suit their needs in the short term, and ultimately facilitate the conversation with Administration on how to alter the policy to suit their needs.

While I have faith that we can ultimately resolve the situation, it won’t happen over night. But I assure you that we have both heard and intimately understand the gravity of the situation and the immense limitations it has placed on your ability to do the things you love, and that students across Grounds greatly benefit from. This is our central and most immediate focus, and I will make sure to keep you updated on our progress and conversations as they happen.

For those looking to better understand the situation, I encourage you to read the article Spaced Out, from Sept. 25’s Cavalier Daily. To understand the very serious hinderance this has been to the Arts On-Grounds, please take a moment to read this editorial from Amuse Bouche President Ida Knox in today’s CD: No Room In the Inn.

I can be reached at emm3fg@virginia.edu if you have any questions or further suggestions.

All the best,