Phone Number Privacy | UVA Student Council

I am a recent transfer student looking to get involved on campus. During the winter activities fair, I was reached out to by the Parliamentary Debate Society at the University of Virginia. I thought that it was an interesting opportunity so I attended their information session and signed up for an interview. In signing up for the interview, I was asked to give my whole name and phone number on a google excel spreadsheet. To my knowledge, I was not told that this information would be posted publicly on any social media site and assumed that only those who clicked the sign to the sign up sheet would have access to that information. Neither the email nor the excel spreadsheet itself gave any warning that this information would be posted publicly. Yet to my surprise, the information was publicly posted in a screenshot for an advertisement sent out to the UVA Facebook community requesting students to sign up for interviews. I was notified by a friend about my private information being put on display, that information again being my first/last name and my phone number. I do not feel comfortable with my private information being out on a public social media site, and would not have given my information out if I had known that it would be the case. I am not sure if this is breaking any policy as I am a new student, but it does not seem right.