Public Service Spotlight: Heather Berg | UVA Student Council

Our Spotlight this week is Heather Berg, A 2nd year planning to major in Foreign Affairs and Leadership and Public Policy. This year Heather founded the UVA Chapter of United for Undergraduate Socio-Economic Diversity (UFUSED), a national advocacy group. In describing the organization Heather said, “Our

four pillars are access, advocacy, awareness, and support- so our projects scan a number of different areas.” Thus far, UFUSED has focused on awareness, planning a series of Flash Seminars and Open Dialogues, with students and faculty from around the University.

Heather’s work with UFUSED fits into her larger emphasis on social justice issues and service. She is a facilitator for Dialogue Across UVA, and participates in Sustained Dialogue. She also interns at University and Community Action for Racial Equity (UCARE). Through all of these projects Heather is able to network across UVA and hopes “to break down barriers and get students to feel comfortable talking” about different social issues.

For more information about UFUSED you can contact .