Public Service Spotlight: Isiah Manalo | UVA Student Council

The spotlight this week is on the third year, Spanish major and pre-pharmacy student Isiah Manalo. Isiah is one of the co-presidents at Monroe Society which is an organization that

sets-up overnight visits at UVA for high school students. Additionally, he is doing great work as a coordinator at Campus Kitchens Project. The UVA chapter of this national non-profit takes unused food from dining halls and prepares meals for local organizations like Salvation Army and On Our Own.

Isiah is the student employee at UVa Sustainability where he works with the Advocates Program to promote sustainable practices on Grounds. He also helps with their events such as Gameday Challenge and the Dorm Energy Race. Finally, this club super-hero Isiah also finds time to be the webmaster/historian of the Pre-Pharmacy Society.

For more information or to ask Isiah anything, you can contact him at