Public Service Spotlight: Kara Abshire | UVA Student Council

This weeks spotlights pans over to Kara Abshire who is setting up this year’s Fourth Year 5k which will be on November 10th (open to all years). She is co-interning with Sana Rahimi at the Office of Health promotion and together they have been organizing the 4Y5K. The 5K race is in it’s 21st year and commemorates Leslie Baltz who died due to heaving drinking the last day of home football. The mission is to encourage safer drinking behavior and to physically provide another alternative for that weekend.

Kara is a third-year biology major and is also a very active member of the Peer Health Educators which is another sponsor of the event. Her work as a Peer Health Educators is to promote safer drinking, nutrition, and stress management through various outreach events, patient education sessions, and other activities.

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