Public Service Spotlight: Saha Khaterzai | UVA Student Council

This week’s Spotlight focuses on Saha Khaterzai, a third-year in the College majoring in Foreign Affairs. In her first year, Saha discovered the startling high rate of sexual assault and violence on college campuses. “Not only was there a lack of discussion about the topic, but students generally did not know about resources that were available,” she said. For the past few years, Saha dedicated her time to supporting and spreading awareness of this cause. Some of her involvements at UVa include interning at the Women’s Center, serving as chair of UJC’s Sexual Misconduct Sub-Committee, and being a member of the executive board of Sexual Assault Facts and Education.

An important step in addressing these serious issues is promoting positive dialogue between students. “It has been my goal to break the silence and make the issue of sexual assault and intimate partner violence a less taboo topic,” Saha said. Last semester she put together a panel where the administration informed students and answered questions about UVa’s new sexual misconduct policy. “In order to bring about change, we must ensure that students feel they have the support they need to seek help,” she said.

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