Public Service Spotlight: Sydney Delmar | UVA Student Council

The spotlight for this week narrows in on the yearly fundraising event for St. Baldrick’s and its co-chair Sydney Delmar. As a national organization, St. Baldrick’s seeks to raise money for children with cancer and the survivors of childhood cancer. The UVA chapter of St. Baldrick’s will be hosting its fundraising event this year at The Biltmore, Thurs, March 21. In addition to intensive fundraising efforts, Baldrick’s participants show their solidarity with these children by shaving their heads. Prior to being co-chair this year, Sydney was VP last year and chaved her head that same year for the first time. She says she chose to become so involved in this organization due to the personal loss of 2 childhood friends to cancer. The benchmarks from last year were the uplifting enormous amount of $88,000 and over 120 shaves.

As an environmental science major, Sydney also has shown passion in teaching a class in the CavEd classroom entitled “Wasted! An in depth examination of throwing things away.” Sydney was able to design the class and now teaches UVA students all about what happens to our trash and the alternatives to throwing things away.

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