RecyleMania | UVA Student Council

Hey Folks,

If you didn’t know already, the College RecycleMania competition began this week and will run until the end of March. Universities from all over the country will be competing to achieve the best recycling rates and take a chunk out of their environmental footprint. Student Council will also be sponsoring the “Track Your Trash” event during the last week of the contest, which will more than likely be kicked off with the help of some sustainability-minded speakers from our faculty and the community at large.

On a related note, in a recent survey, you asked for our help in ensuring that the current stock of recycling bins across grounds is being optimally utilized. Too many bins have been placed where no one is using them, and too few are where we need them most. We will be venturing out to one of the more frequently visited buildings on grounds to begin mapping out where exactly each of its recycling bins are, and will then hopefully collaborate with facilities management to analyze the favorability of these bins’ locations.

That’s all for now,