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June 15, 2012

To whom it may concern;

On Sunday, June 10th, the University of Virginia community was informed that Dr. Teresa Sullivan was stepping down from her position as President. Well-respected by the student body and known for a very high level of engagement, her departure after only two years came as a shock to the University community. Few expected her departure to come so soon. Or under such opaque circumstances.

The University of Virginia has a long and storied history, one steeped with a strong sense of the values upon which it was founded. Above all else, we belong to an institution of honor and honesty, of openness and respect. And it is under these values that we deem the current state of information on President Sullivan’s departure wholly untenable. The University of Virginia community is entitled to more information. The statements by the Board of Visitors and other University officials up to this point have been abstract, unclear, and at times contradictory.  The University of Virginia Student Council is not taking sides or placing blame, yet we feel it is our duty to provide every student at the University of Virginia the clarity and understanding they are owed.

It is our hope that students will come together as we begin to write the next chapter in the University’s history.

To the Board— The University of Virginia Student Council, as both representatives and members of the student body, respectfully requests a full explanation of the events and circumstances surrounding the departure of President Teresa Sullivan. Throughout the history of our institution, every student has been called upon to uphold the values of the University of Virginia. We the students are now calling upon the Board of Visitors to do the same.

With Regards,

The University of Virginia Student Council

Eric McDaniel, Director of University Relations

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