SafeRide & other safety concerns | UVA Student Council

This Friday night, I was on Wertland at a friend’s apartment. Given the recent community alert, I decided to wait until 2:30 and call a safe ride since the buses had stopped running. However, when I called, no one answered. So I canned again at least 10 other times, and no one answered. I eventually got a cab, but my main complaint is that the UVA bus system stops running at 12:30 on the weekends and safe ride doesn’t start until 2:30. UVA is leaving students without safe and reliable ways to get home for 2 hours, which is unacceptable. Additionally, on nights when there are anticipated high volumes (aka Halloween weekend), you should increase the staff so that no students have to wait hours for a ride home. Luckily, I was able to afford a cab. But as a low-income student, these barriers are both very real economically, but they also impact my safety.

I’m sure UVA and UPD and CPD are working to find solutions to the recent surge in assaults, there have been no (visible to students) additional efforts other than the state-mandated emails. No statements, no added police presence, no extended bus or safe ride hours. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. There have been 2 attempted abductions, 2 instances of men possibly recording women showering in dorms, and many more incidents of breaking and entering and subsequent assault that happened on JPA that students were never emailed about. Our safety is at risk and UVA isn’t doing anything visible to protect us.

I know Student Council isn’t responsible for all of this, but at least you can add my complaint to the pile.