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Safety & Wellness

The Safety & Wellness Committee serves as the primary support system for all safety and wellness related organizations, both at the University and in Charlottesville.  Additionally, members of the committee actively seek to address concerns in such a way that streamlines discussion on related topics, advocates collaboration among different groups, and provides necessary resources.

Goal 1: Connect UVa students, faculty, organizations, and the Charlottesville community with safety and wellness resources and opportunities

Swellness Fair

The safety fair gathers learning and implementation resources for students from the community and various safety and wellness partners on Grounds. Members from the Office of Emergency Preparedness, the University Fire Marshal, the University Women’s Center, and other community health leaders are in attendance to support.

Mental Wellness Leadership Meetings

These monthly mental health meetings between Student Council, CAPS, and related CIOs are hosted by Student Council to ensure that communication and effective collaboration is established on a regular basis. As a committee, we strive to provide resources for the organizational leadership and promote healthy, productive dialogue to streamline services, initiatives, and related functions. We additionally attempt to address a particular problem at each meeting and examine potential areas for improvement and action based on this discussion.

Information Dissemination

Safety and Wellness committee seeks to distribute information regarding such as the Ambassador Program, CAPs services, or other resources through various avenues available such as Deans, faculty, or organizations on grounds.

Goal 2: Liaise between the student body and the University administration about safety and wellness related concerns


With the help of staff such as Marge Sidebottom, director of UVA Emergency Preparedness, Gerald Drumheller, UVA Fire Marshal, and Dr. Nicole Fischer Outreach Coordinator at CAPS, we work to ensure that student concerns are heard and addressed. Concerns such as University lighting or Parking & Transportation can be brought up to the committee where they will there be directly brought up to responsible parties.

Goal 3: Support and encourage safety and wellness in our University community through committee initiatives

Resiliency Room

Our committee is currently seeking to create a space that will allow students to rest and have a much needed break in the midst of their busy days. This will promote a safe and well environment.

Interested in collaborating on safety and wellness related initiatives? Have safety and wellness-related concerns you would like us to address? We are happy to help and work with you! Please reach out to the Co-Chairs, Madalyn Kimlick and Ben Webel.

Taylor Overton

Logan Brich