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Colonnade Shuttle Schedule

I live in UHeights, which is up Ivy past JPJ. Lots of upperclassmen and grad students live there. During the normal bus schedule, the Colonnade Shuttle runs to UHeights. However, during the finals schedule, it does not run at all. This means I have no way to get home from a final ending at 10 pm. Finals are part of the semester too, and we still need transportation to/from grounds. Is there any way this can be addressed?

Music in 1515

This university is so incredibly well-endowed… can we not afford to play ad-free music in 1515? I’d imagine UVA spent so much money renovating 1515 they could pay $10/month for Spotify Premium or ad-free Pandora.

Protest Gun violence on campus and in schools

Around 1968 there was a shooting at Kent State University which so outraged the students of the US that general strikes and boycotts were organized at most of the US Universities. The politicians at the time took notice at the unity and size of the event to correct the situation.
The recent shooting in Florida might need to have a similar mass demonstration of feelings to get action to change. As your campus has suffered such a shooting, it might be a lightning rod for such focus. Can the student body president of UVA consider to be in contact with other University student bodies around the country to float the idea of a general strike to get schools of all levels to be protected from gun violence. The politicians have to take notice. I led NYU then. Now its your turn to express your voice. Regards Richard Hartman

Crossroads Weeekend Late Night Idea

To whom it may concern,

I would like to suggest an idea for Crossroads Late Night Weekend Hours. If you are familiar with the restaurant, Crepeaway, in Washington D.C., late at night, the restaurant begins to play louder music and the atmosphere turns into a rather rambunctious environment. I would like to institute the same atmosphere in Croassroads on weekend late night. From 1-2, the Crossroads dining would play louder music in which people could dance and have a good time. I think this is a good idea for numerous reasons, including helping to reduce students’ alcohol contents before going to sleep. If need be, I am willing to create a petition to support this request, and I am sure that I will be able to garner an incredible amount of support for this idea. Please consider my request and I would be happy to meet after break to discuss this.

Thank you.

O’hill Omlette Outrage

To whom it may concern,
I have recently consumed an omlette from O’hill and was very dissatisfied with my experience. The contents of the omlette were not cooked thoroughly, thus degrading my omlette eating experience. I am suggesting that the omlette be cooked for 30-45 seconds more (with a flip in the middle), in order to properly cook the inner ingredients of the omlette. I truly think that this will require minimal effort, and could make a major impact. Please respond when convenient.
Thank you for your time.

All the best,

Adam Cooper

P.S. I am willing to make a petition, if necessary.

Information about Cav Ed Classes

The SIS and Lou’s List descriptions for the upcoming Cavalier Ed courses links to a student council web page: http://www.uvastudentcouncil.com/student-services/initiatives/cavalier-education-program/. This link no longer works. Where can we find the descriptions of each of these approved classes?

Clinton speech in Old Cabell

It’s frankly ridiculous that the University chose Old Cabell as its venue when this school has over 21,000 students. Thousands of students who wished to attend this significant event were denied the chance because the University opted for a venue that could only host a ridiculously small number of people.

Safety Concerns

In light of recent alerts we have received, I am shocked that the school has sent out no real notifications of their own or no statements regarding how they intend to keep the student body safe. I also find it ridiculous that although Charlottesville Police offered descriptions of two different suspects from the reported abduction attempts, that was not mentioned in the emails students received. It is important for students to know that there are two different perpetrators. I have neither seen nor heard any additional safety measures being taken. Hearing things second hand makes it more scary and much less safe for all students on Grounds. Saferides has to start earlier. I’ve heard tour guides mentioning it on every UVA tour yet from my perspective students rarely find it an accessible option.

Recent safety concerns around UVA

I am extremely concerned about all of the recent crime around our university, especially since I heard about some these incidents second-hand because someone decided it wasn’t relevant for students to hear about. (The rape on Shamrock was not close enough to send an alert about? How many students live by the stadium and on JPA?) It’s also ridiculous that there’s a gap between when the buses stop running and when SafeRide starts. There has to be some kind of actual change by the university or city police besides more emails–clearly sending out notifications doesn’t deter rapists and kidnappers. I know resources are not infinite, but two attempted abductions in one weekend? Clearly we need something different to happen.