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Clinton speech in Old Cabell

It’s frankly ridiculous that the University chose Old Cabell as its venue when this school has over 21,000 students. Thousands of students who wished to attend this significant event were denied the chance because the University opted for a venue that could only host a ridiculously small number of people.

Safety Concerns

In light of recent alerts we have received, I am shocked that the school has sent out no real notifications of their own or no statements regarding how they intend to keep the student body safe. I also find it ridiculous that although Charlottesville Police offered descriptions of two different suspects from the reported abduction attempts, that was not mentioned in the emails students received. It is important for students to know that there are two different perpetrators. I have neither seen nor heard any additional safety measures being taken. Hearing things second hand makes it more scary and much less safe for all students on Grounds. Saferides has to start earlier. I’ve heard tour guides mentioning it on every UVA tour yet from my perspective students rarely find it an accessible option.

Recent safety concerns around UVA

I am extremely concerned about all of the recent crime around our university, especially since I heard about some these incidents second-hand because someone decided it wasn’t relevant for students to hear about. (The rape on Shamrock was not close enough to send an alert about? How many students live by the stadium and on JPA?) It’s also ridiculous that there’s a gap between when the buses stop running and when SafeRide starts. There has to be some kind of actual change by the university or city police besides more emails–clearly sending out notifications doesn’t deter rapists and kidnappers. I know resources are not infinite, but two attempted abductions in one weekend? Clearly we need something different to happen.

No jacket career fairs

People wear jackets and ties to career fairs where it is specifically advertised not to. It makes rule followers like me look bad. What can you do about this?

More Accessible Microwaves around Grounds

I’ve a suggestion for the school, but I’m not sure if it falls under the jurisdiction of Studco. It would be nice to have more accessible student-use microwaves around grounds other than just the libraries, specifically Newcomb Hall.

SafeRide & other safety concerns

This Friday night, I was on Wertland at a friend’s apartment. Given the recent community alert, I decided to wait until 2:30 and call a safe ride since the buses had stopped running. However, when I called, no one answered. So I canned again at least 10 other times, and no one answered. I eventually got a cab, but my main complaint is that the UVA bus system stops running at 12:30 on the weekends and safe ride doesn’t start until 2:30. UVA is leaving students without safe and reliable ways to get home for 2 hours, which is unacceptable. Additionally, on nights when there are anticipated high volumes (aka Halloween weekend), you should increase the staff so that no students have to wait hours for a ride home. Luckily, I was able to afford a cab. But as a low-income student, these barriers are both very real economically, but they also impact my safety.

I’m sure UVA and UPD and CPD are working to find solutions to the recent surge in assaults, there have been no (visible to students) additional efforts other than the state-mandated emails. No statements, no added police presence, no extended bus or safe ride hours. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. There have been 2 attempted abductions, 2 instances of men possibly recording women showering in dorms, and many more incidents of breaking and entering and subsequent assault that happened on JPA that students were never emailed about. Our safety is at risk and UVA isn’t doing anything visible to protect us.

I know Student Council isn’t responsible for all of this, but at least you can add my complaint to the pile.

Uncommon, The Flats & West Main Street Safety Concern

As a resident at The Flats at West Village I have to say I am very concerned with the safety measures provided by the University in and around West Main Street, especially at nights. Given the fact that the university busses dont run this way, that the CAT buses only run until certain hours, that there is little to no Ambassador presence in this area and the lack of well lit streets, it feels very dangerous for us to be walking or going home late at night. In fact, after the two attempted abductions that have occured, we are even more concerned with our safety. I have had to call a cab when at the Corner to drop me off home because I dont feel safe walking down that street alone. It would be great if we could speak to the University Police Department to see if we could potentially get Ambassadors in the area of Uncommon and The Flats at West Village so us University students that live on this side feel safer. I believe a great majority of the residents of these two buildings are university students, and we would really appreciate this. Additionally, if we could get some kind of university bus or shuttle to come this way during late nights that would be awesome. Both of these buildings are very close to the attempted abduction sites and this makes us fear our safety.

Law Student

In light of the recent abduction attempts, we need more police presence on North Grounds. It is very dark and desolate when the sun goes down.

Threat Prevention

Have a UVA student run organization that works in conjunction with the Charlottesville Ambassadors to provide late night threat deterrence around off-grounds student residence areas. Expand the blue light system to include off-grounds student housing areas (Wertland St apartments, 14th St, John St, Virginia Ave, Rugby Rd, Gordon Ave, Grady Ave, etc.). Increase overhead lighting in these areas

Safety in Residential Areas at Night

After multiple Right To Know alerts that have gone out in the last few months regarding break ins and attempted abductions and sexual crimes, I have sensed a heightened fear among students, particularly female students, surrounding getting home safely at night. For example, I walked home on Wertland Street just 30 minutes after the attempted abduction on October 27 and saw absolutely no one around that could have helped in a dangerous situation. This highlights the need for ambassadors or police officers to be spaced out in residential areas beyond just the Corner. Given the large number of students who live around the Wertland, 14th, Rugby, and Gordon areas, it is a necessity to have trained personnel there at late hours of the night to prevent more violent crimes from occurring and to help students feel safe in their living spaces.