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Dining Halls on Sundays

The dining halls across campus on Sundays barely have food. They usually only have one station that accumulates a long line. On top of the lack of food, often times utensils and cups will be out and none of the staff is approachable enough to ask for a restock. The UVA meal plan is very expensive and I would expect better service on the weekends, Sunday especially.

Bus System

Have the buses (especially the inner loop) run at nights because getting home for upperclassman is so hard. I understand it is that way to prevent first years to go out but who is really going out at 11:30 at night? I am just trying to go home. Upperclassmen should be considered in addition to 1st years Also, have the bus system run after football games.


Hi there, I am a current student at the law school and have noticed that we do not seem to have the same security benefits at night that may be available to other students on other parts of campus (ex. walking buddies).

At my previous university (University of Florida), we had an app called TapShield with numerous benefits to students that were walking home on or near campus. For instance, you could put a timer in for how long it would normally take you to walk to your car and if it went off before you clicked cancel, a campus police officer would contact you immediately. Another example is where you could have a chat open with an officer while you walked home (like facebook messenger almost) and report any suspicious activity if you felt unsafe. It also used the GPS on your phone for an officer to locate you if you said you were in trouble or did not respond after the timer went off.

I think it would really improve the UVA community if we had a similar app that could increase the security of students.

Thank you,
Sarah Iacomini


Acorns keep falling on me when I walk by Thornton!