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Special Considerations & Other Budgeting Guidelines

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The following are Special Considerations:
1. Outside fundraising and income-generation activities by CIOs are encouraged but are prohibited if specifically performed using SAF funds.
2. In general, all fundable expenditures must either (1) show a demonstrated need for expenditure to occur, or (2) be for some activity that benefits the University community.
3. Umpire and referee fees are fundable; however, coaches are not fundable.
4. Costumes owned by the CIO that are kept in storage on-Grounds are fundable.
5. Uniforms owned, maintained, and kept by the group are fundable; individually kept attire is not fundable.
6. Darden tables
7. Funding buses versus requesting that group members drive
8. Operational expenses (supplies and equipment for the day-to-day use of the organization) are typically only funded in the semi-annual process. Equipment purchases over $500 and with a project life span of over 1 year and the circumstances of its use shall be subject to the discretion of the VPO.
9. Technology purchases over $500 are acceptable only under extreme circumstances and are subject to the discretion of the VPO. Technology may be defined as “web-related, computer-based, or audio visual goods and services that a CIO uses for its activities or purposes.”

Other Budgeting Guidelines:

1. Guest Speaker Expenses:

  • $0.35 per mile travel by car
  • $100 per night lodging (per room)
  • $20 per day for food


2. Member Travel Expenses:

  • CIOs whose main function does not require travel are limited to one major travel request per semester (any request in travel over $500).
  • In general, no more than four organization members should travel to the same event or conference
    supported by SAF. Exceptions are possible for groups for which travel is essential to the function and
    the purpose of the groups, such as competitive teams.
  • $0.25 per mile travel by car
  • $100 per night lodging (per room)
  • $0 per day for food
  • Mileage from Washington, D.C. and Richmond shall be calculated as follows: Washington D.C. (250 miles round trip, Richmond (150 miles round trip)
  • Up to four group members’ expenses to any convention shall be funded.
  • All airfare requests must be supported by an actual quote from the airline or travel agency. Boarding passes must be provided with reimbursement request. If airline, bus, or train tickets are purchased in advance, a reimbursement request should only be submitted to ODOS Business Services after the travel has occurred. The airfare most likely will not be fully funded by the SAF, subject to the following standards. In general, travel to the East Coast will only be funded up to $200, travel to the Mid West only up to $275, and travel to the West Coast only up to $325.


City of Origin – SAF Contribution
Chicago, IL $275
Dallas, TX $275
Denver, CO $275
Los Angeles, CA $325
New York, NY $200
Philadelphia, PA $200
Boston, MA $200

NOTE: Notwithstanding the previous standards, a request for airfare reimbursement will be subject as all line-item requests and thus may or may not be funded at all.

3. Office Supplies:

  • Envelopes (box of 100) – $1.00
  • Scissors 8” – $3.00
  • Expo Markers – $4.00
  • Sidewalk Chalk (1 box) – $3.00
  • Glue (7 5/8 oz) – $1.00
  • Sidewalk Chalk (1 bucket) – $6.00
  • Hole Punch – $1.00
  • Stapler (1) – $6.00
  • Paper Clips (box of 200) – $0.90
  • Staples (5000) – $1.20
  • Pencils (20) – $1.80
  • Tapes (1) – $1.00
  • Pens (10) – $1.00
  • Tape Dispenser (1) – $2.00
  • Post-It Notes (pkg of 6) – $4.00
  • Whiteout (2) – $1.50
  • Rubber bands (1 bag) – $0.60

4. Publicity & Advertising Expenses:

  • The maximum cost for publicizing & advertising that will be funded for any one event is $75
  • Student Council no longer funds Cav Daily Ads
  • Flyers—up to 200 Black & White per event—copied in the SAC
  • Every CIO will receive a printing quota of 100 sides free of charge per semester for printing in the SAC.
  • Black & White Copying – $0.02
  • Color Copying – $0.12 (color copies will only be granted on a limited basis, and there must be a compelling reason that color copies are needed)
  • Color paper will be funded at $10 per ream