StudCo: Student Council | UVA Student Council

I have heard the words a hundred times, told to prospective students, announced in front of large lecture halls, and uttered in the conversation of passing students: “student self-governance.” It’s something that we all love dearly and treasure about this place. Unfortunately, sometimes it is just a phrase associated with the university rather than a concept implemented to its full potential. Sometimes, it becomes archaic to a degree as students, caught up in their schoolwork, club work, social life, and hey – maybe even sleep, forget that student self governance does not exist independently in Charlottesville, but rather is a responsibility of each and every student here at UVA. But make no mistake – the impetus of true movement, progress, and change at the University is its students.

Homecomings, a great UVA tradition, is rapidly approaching, and as we partake and celebrate UVA, let’s make sure that all the traditions at UVA that we hold so dearly are continued on into the future so that those after us can also have a chance to experience them. As a Representative of the College of Arts and Sciences, my role is to make sure that all of your concerns are voiced and that your viewpoint is considered when Student Council makes decisions. As the year continues, my goal is to make sure that Student Council knows what you think, and that you know what Student Council does. Honestly, accomplishing this is much easier when you are just as committed to this goal. So think “What Would Jefferson Do?” and go on SpeakUpUva to post any great idea you have for improving student life. Come to Representative Office Hours (to be posted shortly). Visit the Student Council website. Sit in on a StudCo meeting (Tuesdays at 6 in Newcomb). Talk to your friends in StudCo. Keep the tradition alive. Also, always feel free to contact me at any point (ap8sw) if you have absolutely any comments or concerns.


Apurva Pande