Student Research Oppurunities & Campus Sustaiability Dialogue | UVA Student Council

Hello All!

So Cristina and I attended our first meeting of the Environmental Impact Subcommittee of the Presidential Committee on Sustainability not too long ago. We heard some interesting things about the environmental challenges our University faces and how we are going to go about tackling them. They won’t be easy to overcome, and more research can be done to ensure that our environmental goals are fulfilled.

Sheffield Hale, a 4th year student who coordinates the SustainaUnity Project, came up with the bright idea of enlisting other students to aid the Subcommittee. Students would have the opportunity to conduct research in areas such as the purchasing of sustainable building materials, opportunities for carbon emission reductions, stormwater management, and more. There will be more info to come as this idea evolves into something formal.

Reminder: The Campus Sustainability Day Dialogue Forum, presented by Student Council, will take place between 12PM and 1PM on October the 19th in the Newcomb Kaleidoscope Room. Speakers will include Cheryl Gomez, Andrew Greene, Paxton Marshall, and Kendal Singleton. They will be briefing students on the environmental challenges our University faces and how we are addressing them: so you’ll be just as much in the loop on these issues as Cristina and I are!!