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Meeting – October 24, 2017


Meeting – September 19, 2017


Meeting – April 18, 2017

Proposal One: LGBTQ Identifier Question 

  • Status: Passed
  • Nicholas Pradhan, Vice Chair of LGBTQ Affairs, will be leading a coalition of members of the Diversity Engagement committee to follow through with the proposal to establish an LGBTQ+ identifier question on the University of Virginia specific questions of the Common App.  Pradhan is drafting a letter to send to Executive Vice President and Provost Thomas Katsouleas voicing Student Council’s support of the proposal, and has been in constant communication with the presenter of the proposal, Vice President of Student Activism to the Queer Student Union Shannon Khurana.  Khurana met with the Admissions Office on Wednesday to discuss the proposed identifier question, and, with the QSU advocacy committee, has collaborated with Pradhan in writing his letter to Provost Katsouleas.  Pradhan hopes that the weight of the Student Senate seal of approval, as well as Student Council’s overall support, will bolster Khurana’s position with the University Administration.

Proposal Two: Advisory Committee for Sustainable Investment

  • Status: Passed
  • David Birkenthal, Chair of the Representative Body, will coordinate with representatives from the proposal and other stakeholder groups to determine a practical approach to this project. They will work alongside the proposal’s presenter, Alex Wolz, to review the ​BOV’s ​explanation for the past rejection ​of the committee in​ order ​to determine ​what ​changes could improve the likelihood of a favorable second review.


Proposal Three: First Year Lecture ​on the History of UVA’s Relationship with Charlottesville 

  • Status: Passed
  • Chairs from the Academic Affairs, Diversity Engagement, and Community Relations committees will be actively seeking to engage students and faculty members from across Grounds as they begin to construct this 60-90 minute lecture. 


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