Meet the Co-Chairs

Lizzie Main

Lizzie is a third year in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Environmental Sciences and Global Studies: Environments + Sustainability. In her time on the Sustainability committee, she has made it a personal mission to make as many events as possible on grounds “zero waste,” meaning that at least 90% of materials from the event are diverted to compost or recycling. She hopes to develop this initiative even further for the coming school year along with her fellow committee members. In the upcoming school year, she is also hoping to work with other CIOs, Student Council committees, and Charlottesville area groups where collaboration is applicable in order to broaden sustainability’s reach across various disciplines and create a more cohesive sustainability community. Outside of Student Council, Lizzie is involved with the University Democrats and Madison House. She also works as an Off-Grounds Sustainability Advocate for Woodard Properties and is active in academic research in the field of atmospheric chemistry.

Robert McCarthy

Robert is a second year majoring in Religious Studies and Public Policy. While always interested in sustainability, his passion grew after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which led him to think more critically about the industrialized food system. Some of his favorite aspects of sustainability include local food, access to drinkable tap water and renewable energy. He looks forward to working with sustainability more in this coming school year. In addition to serving on Student Council, Robert is a pledge brother of APO and a volunteer at the Haven, the homeless shelter in Charlottesville.