Sustainable Groups on Grounds | UVA Student Council

Are you interested in getting involved with sustainability at UVA? Too overwhelmed by all of the groups you could join? Look no further.

The Student Council Sustainability Committee and Technology Committee have teamed up to help you navigate through the maze of organizations. You answer five simple questions about what you are interested in, from local food to water to activism, and the quiz will email you results that include all of the CIOs that match your interests, including descriptions and contact information.

Even the Sustainability Committee members, who thought they knew all of the groups on Grounds, were surprised by the results they received. New CIOs, like the Climate Action Society have been able to use the matchmaker to publicize their presence on grounds. The quiz, which was debuted at the recent winter activities fair, has helped connect students with the sustainable organizations most appropriate for them.

You can access the quiz at If you represent a sustainability-related CIO and would like to add your information or update current information, please email


This blog post was written by second year and Student Council Sustainability Committee member Lia Cattaneo.