Sustainable Summers All Around | UVA Student Council

Our Committee is all over the world this summer, and everyone is working on something sustainability-related. We can’t wait to incorporate what we’ve been learning into our initiatives for the coming school year. Check out what we’re up to!

Tim is doing an internship in Charlottesville at a nonprofit called GreenBlue. They mostly work with businesses to advocate for sustainable packaging, but are also designing and marketing a new recycling labeling system called How2Recycle.

Kyle is interning with the Civil Engineering squadron at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL. He is mostly visiting job sites with the environmental sector, but will also be working with engineers later in the summer.

Dyanna is biking from Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Ottawa, Ontario. She is working with partners all along the route to help build resistance to TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline. Check out her blog:

Otto worked with a local industrial chemical company in May to analyze their wastewater, install a water treatment system, and determine what water needed to be treated and when. Now, he is studying for the first level of the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.

Emily is currently interning at an architecture and planning firm. At the end of June, she’s headed to Switzerland with the Sustainable Europe program through the A-School.

Kelsey is in Charlottesville interning for Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) and Better World Betty. She’s involved in a few projects for each, including LEAP’s new Solarize Charlottesville kickoff.

Kelly just got back from studying abroad in South Africa. Now she’s in Charlottesville interning part-time at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), working on the same solar energy campaign as Kelsey. She’ll also be working part time somewhere else and maybe taking a summer class.

Alex R is interning as a UVA Conservation Scholar at the Nature Conservancy in Charlottesville. He’s specializing in a project about wood pellet bioenergy, in which he’ll examine the rapid expansion of wood pellet plants in the American Southeast and its sustainability ramifications, understand the international wood pellet trade and renewable energy policy in Europe, and develop economic and environmental value chain analyses of wood pellets. He’s continuing to work with Commerce school professor Mark White to publish an academic case on sustainable financing at UVA. He’ll also be meeting periodically with UVA’s Committee on Sustainability.

Jenn is in Charlottesville working in a seagrass ecology lab, traveling on occasion to help collect samples from Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. She will also be working on the Sustainability and StudCo websites, and helping to plan a Sustainability-wide retreat.

Katie is taking two summer classes and working as a waitress. Later in the summer, she’ll participate in the Oxfam CHANGE Leadership program and then come back to UVA and start working with the Oxfam Club at UVA. She’s excited about opportunities to work with both Oxfam and StudCo this year.

Alex W is working at an international engineering firm in the Netherlands (aka bike heaven!), helping to create a design tool that allows business owners to estimate the environmental impact they would have if they made their buildings more efficient by installing renewable energy technologies, or even by going completely zero-net energy. The program also helps utility companies know who to incorporate into a larger ‘smart grid network’.

Lia is interning at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions in DC. She is working on a number of projects focused on climate resilience, or what groups can do to protect themselves from the impacts of climate change. She is also doing research on nitrogen footprints, working with Alex R and Dyanna on the case project, and working on various UVA sustainability initiatives.

Rebecca is in Israel doing field work for her second thesis, which brings together ecology and anthropology. She is studying an invasive pine tree that was planted extensively throughout the twentieth century to claim the land for Israel. Her work will be used to help develop a management strategy for the pine. Additionally, she’s been doing lots of traveling, spending time at the beach, and missing the committee terribly. In her spare time, she is trying to finalize the zero waste guide for StudCo and plan the implementation of StudCo zero waste.