That Awkward Moment When… | UVA Student Council

…you’d rather be the interviewee rather than the interviewer.

We, like the other committees, finished up the interview process last week. It’s a hard time for me. I personally prefer being the interviewee. I’m not creative and can’t come up with good questions as the interviewer. I also don’t enjoy the pressure of choosing between so many great applicants, which we had a lot of this year. I was sincerely impressed with the people who came out to apply to StudCo in general, well done all!
I’ve always had trouble being the driver of a conversation. Some of it might be that I like the thrill of attempting to answer questions on the spot in an interview, a challenging brain teaser of sorts. If someone asks me to tell them about myself, I am at a loss. I must insist they ask me specific questions. It goes as far as my teaching style as well, I thrive off questions being asked over simply lecturing. This is why I also enjoy it when interviewees ask us questions, which we always make sure to leave time for. Not only does this let me understand them in a new way, it’s more comfortable for me.

Typical me, digressing at 2 am. The true intent of this post was to inform the general student body, undergraduates and graduates alike, that with a full, hearty, willing, courageous, etc. committee beneath the Academic Affairs wings, we’re ready to hit the ground running. Not only did we already have ideas coming into this year, our applicants brought a great deal of new ideas! I’ve found a renewed vigor in our new committee members and this year will be a great year!

Now to digress again,
…you procrastinate a 10 page lab report only to find out it’s the longest one
…you realize you haven’t been to the gym once since you told yourself a month ago you’d start going
…you’re up at 2 am because you had caffeine for no reason at 1:30 am
…you talk for 3 hours straight to the person next to you on the train because you’re too tired to stop
…you hope you’re being funny in your tired state
…you question whether your digressions annoy people
…and conclude that they do annoy people…

Have a good day all,
Klaus Dollhopf
Academic Affairs, co-chair