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Dropbox Space Race!

Dropbox Space Race!

Hello everyone!

I’m Alex Pawlowski, StudCo CTO, and throughout the year, I hope to in addition to my duties with this website, Speak Up UVa and technology assistance to Student Council, hope to publicize greater awareness of many technologies and technology events that you can use in your daily life, even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

One such event is taking place as we speak! Dropbox (a free online service that you can use to store files much like UVa’s Home Directory) is sponsoring a Space Race that puts different universities across the world against one another in an effort to boost the amount of people who use Dropbox! As more students sign-up, everyone gets more space for 2 years (up to 25 GB!)

Sounds good to you? Click here: Dropbox Space Race ! That’s it. Confirm your email address, and WE ALL BENEFIT. How awesome, right?!