The Tradition Returns | UVA Student Council

Packed stadiums, crazy outfits, concerts, dances, school spirit, and unity.  These are some of the ideas that come to mind when one thinks about Homecoming.  However, these occurrences have been absent from UVa’s Homecomings in recent years. Along with several other groups on Grounds, Student Council is out to change that.  But before looking forward, here’s a brief overview of Homecomings in the past:

2002: Student Council sponsored a Homecomings pep-rally, tailgate, and masquerade ball

2003: Over 4,000 students attended a pep rally and concert (Sister Hazel) on Mad Bowl sponsored by UPC and Student Council.  Student-wide banner contest was held in the amphitheater

2004: Similar pep rally/concert to the previous year

2005: UPC sponsored a week of smaller events including a cookout, contests, dodgeball, and a pep rally

2006: A smaller pep rally was held with less student engagement than before

2007-2010: Insignificant student involvement

2011:  The Tradition Returns!  We are working restore and improve the Homecomings Tradition!  Stay tuned for updates and specific details regarding events.  We are really excited to revive this tradition and can’t wait to come together with the community to celebrate the school we all love!