Try Just None! | UVA Student Council

It’s that time of year again! Everybody is studying for finals and spending unthinkable stretches of time studying. Did you stop to notice those beautiful hand dryers in Clark Library?

If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, don’t miss out before the holiday break! Not only do they dry your hands super quickly, but you also don’t have to endure the judgmental stares of your fellow bathroom-goers for not “trying just one.” No longer do we need to struggle through the jungle of paper towels that never quite made it into the trash can or stealthily check our shoes to make sure there is no paper stuck on the bottom.


But wait: there’s more! These hand dryers, which were funded in part by UVa’s Student Council Sustainability Committee, are more sustainable options than paper towels, so you can you can feel good about drying your hands! In a single semester, by switching from paper towels, these hand dryers

  • save 13 trees
  • keep 1260 lbs of waste out of landfills
  • save 12,600 gallons of water
  • cut our greenhouse gas footprint in half

If you can’t feel good about that, I don’t know what to do!

Next time nature calls, linger for a few seconds, and check out these awesome posters, on display for a limited time!


This blog post was written by fourth year and Student Council Sustainability Committee member  Christine Wehner.