Uncommon, The Flats & West Main Street Safety Concern | UVA Student Council

As a resident at The Flats at West Village I have to say I am very concerned with the safety measures provided by the University in and around West Main Street, especially at nights. Given the fact that the university busses dont run this way, that the CAT buses only run until certain hours, that there is little to no Ambassador presence in this area and the lack of well lit streets, it feels very dangerous for us to be walking or going home late at night. In fact, after the two attempted abductions that have occured, we are even more concerned with our safety. I have had to call a cab when at the Corner to drop me off home because I dont feel safe walking down that street alone. It would be great if we could speak to the University Police Department to see if we could potentially get Ambassadors in the area of Uncommon and The Flats at West Village so us University students that live on this side feel safer. I believe a great majority of the residents of these two buildings are university students, and we would really appreciate this. Additionally, if we could get some kind of university bus or shuttle to come this way during late nights that would be awesome. Both of these buildings are very close to the attempted abduction sites and this makes us fear our safety.