UVaDay 2012 | UVA Student Council

On Thursday, January 26th, the Legislative Affairs Committee traveled to Richmond for our annual UVaDay, which turned out to be very successful.  It is our goal to voice the concerns of the student body in hopes of gaining support from legislators.  This year we were fortunate to meet with fifteen delegates and senators in addition to Governor McDonnell and to reach out to every single legislator through letters highlighting our stances on many important issues.

First of all, we wanted to thank them for their support of a bill last year which gave us funding to renovate New Cabell Hall.  Our committee stressed how important this was during UVaDay 2011 and the legislators were very receptive.

The current issues we addressed included-

  • Supporting Governor McDonnell’s funding for higher education
  • Keeping the current in-state/out-of-state ratio as it is rather than raising it for more in-state students
  • Ensuring the autonomy of the Board of Visitors.  Issues such as acceptable AP scores and gun control should be determined by the Board rather than the state because the environment at each Virginia public university is different.  It would be impossible to have a “one size fits all” law regarding such issues.
  • Supporting SB 104 which would provide a tuition waiver for the dependents of full time faculty.  This added benefit would help us attract new as well as retain current faculty.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding these issues, feel free to contact me at bdf7s@virginia.edu.