We Are Academic Affairs (And So Can You!) | UVA Student Council

Welcome back to the University for the spring semester, Hoos! Here at Academic Affairs, we’ve hit the ground running to provide the University with a number of opportunities, many of which you get to be involved in!

Look Hoos Talking
The nominations for Look Hoos Talking have been closed and we’ve begun counting the votes. We’ve gotten a great mix of professors from varying disciplines so we know it’ll be another successful year. We’re looking forward to inviting a distinguished faculty member of the University to speak for us as well…
The date is set for March 27th in Old Cabell Hall, with the time still yet to be determined. You can track the progress on the LHT page.

Cavalier Education
With our student-taught courses for this semester off to a successful start,  it’s time for prospective student teachers to look forward to next semester. Applications for teaching in the Fall 2012 semester will go live soon in the coming week. Keep an eye out for applications on the CavEd site.

Faculty Awards
Starting last year, Student Council recognizes hard-working professional members of the University with the Leonard W. Sandridge Student Partnership Award and the Student Council Distinguished Teaching Award. Students write a letter of nomination detailing how the faculty member has embodied the principle of the award.  The chosen professor for each award is presented with a plaque in thanks of their dedicated work at the Student Council Transition Ceremony in early April. Nomination forms and more information can be found on the Faculty Awards page.

Advising at the University has become a problem for many students and is a topic that is constantly on the mind of the student body. While we recognize there’s no such thing as a perfect system, we have begun looking forward to ways to help remedy the situation. We’re excited to say that we’ll be meeting with faculty soon to discuss possible solutions to problems students seem to be facing.


Please do not hesitate to contact either myself (nmd3ey@virginia.edu) or my co-chair, Stephen Nash (san2gp@virginia.edu), with any questions or comments.
Furthermore, if you have an idea for us to pursue or if you’re facing a problem you believe we can help with, please utilize SpeakUpUVa so you can shout from the Rotunda steps.

StudCo Love,
Klaus Dollhopf and Stephen Nash
Academic Affairs Chairs