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What StudCo Committees can do for CIOs

What StudCo Committees can do for CIOs

Last Updated: August 10th, 2017

Below is a list of the resources that every Student Council committee provides for CIOs and contact information for the Chairs of each committee. More information about StudCo committees can be found by clicking the committee’s name below. Interested in Co-Sponsoring an event with Student Council? Fill out this co-sponsorship form and directly contact the Chairs of the committee you would like to work with.

General Inquiries:
CIOs can ask any questions or submit any CIO-related comments or concerns to the CIO Consultants Committee via this form.

Questions specifically about Student Council Appropriations (Rolling or Semi-Annual Round Funding, SAF Appropriations, etc.) can be directed to the Appropriations Committee: cio-appropriations@virginia.edu.

Marketing & Communications:
Chairs: Stephanie Soh and Vivian Kim

  • Marketing Assistance including help creating advertisements
    • Digital Content requests should be made two weeks in advance
    • T-shirt Design requests should be made four weeks in advance
    • Requests should be made via this Co-Sponsorship Form
  • Marketing Consultations including directing CIOs to University contacts for ordering t-shirts, stickers, banners, etc.

Academic Affairs:
Chairs: Sydney Bradley and Saskia Feldman

  • Open to working with CIOs on Academic-related events. Contact us with ideas!

Athletic Affairs:
Chair: Cameron Rangecroft

  • Working with Club Sports and Sports-Related CIOs to make a website to advertise all games and serve as a hub for all club-sports-related information
  • Working with Club Sports on addressing concerns with IM-Rec
  • Working on honoring Club Sports with a Sports Banquet
  • Open to the idea of co-sponsoring events. Please contact us!

Buildings & Grounds:
Chairs: Colleen Dillon and Christopher Hastings

  • Working with CIOs on making sure issues related to buildings, facilities, and landscapes (fields, lighting, garbage, outlets, Wi-Fi, etc.) are addressed by University Officials

Charlottesville Community:
Charlottesville City Council Liaison: Nathan John

  • Working with CIOs whenever they have issues that impact the greater Charlottesville community and are not able to be addressed on Grounds
  • Helping student members of CIOs gain positions on relevant Charlottesville City Council committees, panels, and advisory groups
  • Helping CIOs come speak at City Council meetings or events
  • Providing relevant information from City Council meetings to CIOs who request them

Community Service:
Chairs: Melissa Wu and Margaret Haltom

  • Learning in Action is UVA’s official public service website connecting students with service-related resources. CIOs can:
    • Advertise service events, find similar events, and find inspiration for events via the “service opportunities” tab
    • Apply for funding for events and projects that benefit the community
    • Look for professors to partner with in their service events via the “courses” tab
  • Always looking to work with CIOs on service-related projects and events, from organization to advertising. Contact us! Examples of past events include:
    • Women Against Violence Benefit Concert with the Virginia Women’s Chorus
    • Multicultural Events to spread peace and acceptance among cultures
  • Looking to highlight and recognize CIOs on the service projects they are pursuing (email us!)
  • Organizing a Service CIO Case Competition where individuals from various service-related CIOs come together to solve a problem in a case competition format
  • Organizing a Service-Oriented Design Thinking Workshop where representatives from service-related CIOs come together to redesign the service experience at UVA

Diversity Engagement:
Chairs: Joy Collins

  • Open to working with CIOs on relevant events. Send us your ideas! We are also interested in potentially working with CIOs on our many projects we co-sponsor, which you can find here
  • Creating a monthly diversity calendar that includes events hosted by multicultural/minority organizations

Entrepreneurship & Innovation:
Chairs: Jack Freed and Michael Eaton Byrd

  • Available to support entrepreneurial organizations with potential food donations, volunteers, advertising capabilities, and contacts in the entrepreneurial community
  • Open to new ideas. Contact us!

Legislative Affairs:
Chairs: Victoria Kasonde and Elizabeth Parker

  • Open to co-sponsoring non-and-bi-partisan events with CIOs to promote political engagement and education. Contact us!
  • Can work with CIOs to bring concerns to Virginia Legislature in Richmond if they match those of the student body

Chairs: Sarah Guth and Luke Williams

  • Help CIOs learn the general goals and purpose of Student Council

Safety & Wellness:
Chairs: Taylor Overton and Logan Birch

  • Facilitating monthly wellness meetings to provide a space for CIOs to learn about resources and collaborate with each other about events, initiatives, and university issues. Contact us to receive more details about the monthly wellness meetings!
  • Hosting a Fall “Swellness Fair” for students to become aware of the various Safety and Wellness CIOs and organizations on Grounds
  • Ambassador assigned to each wellness and safety CIO to promote assistance with events and student concerns. Contact us if you do not have an ambassador but would like one!
  • Open to new ideas and co-sponsorships. Email us!

Student Arts:
Chairs: Emily Williams and Anna Seitz

  • Open to co-sponsoring arts-related events (typically not performances). Example events include:
    • A dinner with UPC in which students voted to contribute ticket sale proceeds to student artists and Arts CIOs that gave pitches to them
  • Helping connect CIOs to the relevant Arts Departments on Grounds (e.g. the Drama Department)
  • Advocating for Arts CIOs needs at the University. Contact us with any Arts-related concerns you have!

Chairs: Megan Routbort and Jacob Weitzman

  • Helping CIOs make events with food “zero-waste”
    • See this graphic. Link
    • Offsetting the costs of compostable products
  • Hosting the SustainaForum, a monthly gathering of Sustainability CIOs and those with any interest in sustainability. Contact us for more details!
  • Honoring CIO sustainability efforts at the SustainaBanquet during Earth Week in April
  • Providing information on non-StudCo sources of funding for Sustainability projects
  • Open to new ideas and co-sponsoring events, contact us!