What's Happening with the Student Life Committee! | UVA Student Council

Hey everyone! We on the Student Life Committee are making headway on a bunch of exciting projects to make Grounds a better place for every one of you.

Here are some things we’ve been working on :

  • A blanket sharing program on the Lawn
  • Restocking Hoo’s Pantry and creating and maintaining its sustainability into the future
  • We have started a discussion with administration about installing a Frisbee Golf Course (yep, it’s true)
  • Providing more trashcans around grounds for you all
  • Getting ready for Thanksgiving Break’s UVAirbus shuttle service (tickets are still on sale!!!)

We are so excited about the progress we’re making and want to continue this so please don’t hesitate to contact Carter Blackwell (cmb6kr@virginia.edu) or me, Emily Anne Self (ems4bb@virginia.edu) with any suggestions/critiques/complaints about Student Life at UVA!