Work Begins on Hooliday Dining: Spring Break Edition | UVA Student Council

Student Council’s Diversity Initiatives Committee is re-instituting its enormously successful Hooliday Dining program for Spring Break 2011 (March 5-13, 2011).

Hooliday Dining had its test run over Thanksgiving Break 2010. The program intended to provide meal and social options for those students who planned on remaining on grounds during the duration of the break. In past years, the University’s dining halls were closed over break, forcing students to find alternative – and often prohibitively expensive – meal options.

This past Thanksgiving break, however, a team of students from the Diversity Initiatives Committee on Student Council, in collaboration with UVa Dining and local businesses including Wild Wing Café, provided almost 400 meals and hosted a Friday Night Movie attended by over 45 students.

This semester, the team, consisting of Somee Kang, Aquiles Damiron, Jasmine Drake, and Kaz Kamolafe, is looking into providing even more meal options for students by partnering with an increased number of local businesses and looking into additional social options. To begin the process, the committee is seeking responses to an online survey, to be completed by any University student (even those who did not participate in the past Hooliday Dining or who anticipate leaving grounds during Spring Break).

To find out more information, including access to the survey and where to email for suggestions, visit our facebook page.