Popular Dating Apps for College Students

Dating apps are a big deal these days. There’s a dating app for every weird fetish imaginable, and the best ones tend to be pretty popular. This week, we’ll take a look at some best dating apps for college students.


The app Tinder has grown into a global phenomenon since its launch in 2013 and is now available in 30 different countries worldwide. The online dating app allows users to swipe right to “like” someone (and hopefully then swipe left on them to reject them) and swipe left to “reject” someone (and hopefully then swipe right on them to “like” them). It’s a simple interface that allows you to connect with other people and find your match, but it’s not without controversy. What separates this from other dating apps is, you will get a chance to see some exotic nude pics. While the app’s dating model is helpful, it’s not without its limitations.

• Bumble

Bumble is an app launched in September 2015 that has had over 40 million downloads and has become wildly popular among college students. The app was created by the co-founder of Tinder as a kind of female Tinder alternative where people are only allowed to message other users. Bumble also has a catch, though: users can only message other users if they have swiped right on that person’s profile, and they aren’t allowed to message people who have swiped left on theirs.


To students around the world, OkCupid is a place where they can find their one true love (or at least their one-night stand). But the dating site is much more than a hookup site, and for a university student, OkCupid may be the only way they can meet new people. For many students, OkCupid is the way they’ll find their significant others, but it’s also the only place that they’ll find something more.

• Match

A match is a dating app that has received a lot of attention lately for its user base: about 80,000 people signed up in its first month. It was created by the founders of OkCupid, a dating site that has more than 15 million users. It’s diversity is also one of a kind as you can do pregnant hookups to members who are willing to do so.

• Hinge

There are a lot of dating apps floating around out there, many of which are not only good for finding a date but also are useful in learning about people. For example, if you want to learn more about a person you’ve met online, you can use an app like Hinge to see if they are a good fit for you.

• Eharmony

You don’t need to be at any university to sign up for an account with eHarmony, which says it’s the world’s leading relationship matching site. Few people realize that there’s an online dating site for just about anyone, from freshman to senior. If you’re a college student, you won’t be the only one signing up with eHarmony.com.

We live in a world that is almost completely dependent on technology. It’s not just phones and computers, but even our transportation and entertainment systems are now powered by apps. This is why you should consider using a dating app as a part of …

Top Issues Surrounding UVA Right Now

Over the past few months, the administration has been working on a draft package of rules and regulations that will govern the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) by the community. The rules, which have been submitted to the Board of Visitors for consideration, will apply to all current and future use on their property. The rules also include an opt-out provision that allows individuals to request to take their operation off the surveillance systems. However, as the draft is currently written, it will limit their ability to use this opt-out provision. In the wake of the tragic events of Charlottesville, Virginia’s capital, they have released a public statement on the events that transpired there this weekend.

As they look to embark on their seventh year, there are several challenges they are facing, both from the inside and outside.

• The community take part in politics via the 22nd-century program

The the rest of the country are spending more time and being more engaged politically than ever before. A recent report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism showed that millennials born between 1980 and 2000 are more likely to vote, attend rallies, and volunteer for political campaigns than older generations.  Because of this, there is a greater need than ever for government officials to be educated on what young people are thinking and feeling. This is why the 22nd Century Scholars Program has taken a new approach to the issue. 

The program, is a series of seminars that brings together like-minded people. The program, was administered at Wise, is an intensive program that provides a pathway. The program promotes civic engagement through a variety of avenues and hands-on experiences.

• Endowment Fund

This week they are fielding a lot of questions about the planned sale of their fund. Their President, is on the road this weekend and wrote in an open letter that she would be talking to prospective buyers about certain terms of sale. But what exactly is the fund, and where does the endowment come from?

• Financial crisis

Also in the midst of a financial crisis, one that has been brewing for years. They have been forced to make substantial cuts in spending and has had to make some tough choices regarding how to allocate its funds. As a result, proposed revenue-generating opportunities have been put on hold for the time being, leaving the future uncertain.…

What To Do Around UVA

Virginia is a great place to live, work, and study.

Some top things to do around UVA includes:

• exploring the area

• attending a class

• visiting the museums

• hiking or biking

• hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Roaming around Virginia means taking in all the sights and sounds. One of the most common ways to get from one place to another is by walking. Still, the area has a variety of car and transit options to help students get around campus quickly and efficiently.

Roaming around is a staple student activity. Being around for an entire season is something that you can’t really do if you aren’t familiar with where everything is located. The people around here are very helpful. If you have ever been lost, they are the ones who will point you in the right direction and, if you need them, they will assist you in any way possible. Especially if the weather is terrible, which it often is. People will be walking everywhere, and it’s very helpful for you to know where the closest places are.…